Corinna Montgomery

Born in East Germany in 1962, Corinna was imprisoned in 1979 for attempting to flee the socialist state. She finally escaped to the West two years later and now resides with her family and 3 dogs in Arkansas and enjoys fishing, hunting, and sewing.

Hi, my name is Corinna and I was born in East Germany. I have a long journey behind me. Many people gave me the courage to write a book about this journey; so I did! It’s still hard for me to talk about, but my story needs to be told. It is important to learn from history, or history is going to repeat itself. We live in desperate times and people are scared and confused. I was once scared too, but the love of my family gave me the strength to push forward.

I like to address the younger generation of America. Because, I know how difficult it can be to grow a strong character. But, the best way is always research and develop your own thoughts and opinions. America is a country where people come for freedom, from the beginning, and to this day. There is no place like this in the world. We must all appreciate the beauty of America. Don’t close your eyes just because you don’t want to see what’s happening around you. One day it’s going to affect you, and there is no reason to blame someone else.

Fighting for your rights is not easy and free things are not free. I hope people can read into the meaning of my book and understand why it’s important to talk about your experiences in life. In the U.S., we have the opportunity to vote and make our voices heard. God bless America. I gave my book the name “Clipped wings” because that’s how we were feeling in the DDR. You got wings but no one want you to know you can fly.

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Mein Name ist Corinna, ich bin geboren in Ost Deutschland.
Das ist für meine Deutschen Freunde.

Wir leben in einer sehr schweren Zeit, wie man sagt die Geschichte wiederholt sich ,solange Du nichts daraus lernst. Ich bin 1999 nach America ausgewandert, damals war es bereits unverständlich für mich was die Regierung tat.

Heute kann ich keine Worte dafür finden.
Meine Familie stellte einen Ausreiseantrag an die Ost Deutsche Regierung. Es kam zur Verhaftung, es war ein harter Weg um in die Freiheit zugelangen.

Viele Menschen inspiriert mich, ein Buch darüber zu schreiben. Durch mein Buch möchte ich zum Ausdruck bringen, wie wichtig es ist Deine Meinung zu vertreten.

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